Hey Lennart, you left Genoa unexpectedly. How did this change come about?

Lennart: Hi! I always keep one eye on the German Bundesliga, even when I’m abroad. Now the time had come and I was able to fulfill a great dream with this change. I also believe that my perspective here in Germany is greater than in Italy.

How do you like it in the new team?

Lennart: The first impression was extremely positive. The entire team including coaching staff and Co. welcomed me very well. There are a couple of players, such as Florian Krüger or Alessandro Schöpf, who I already knew before. The guys took me really well.

Do you officially live in Bielefeld already?

Lennart: Yes. I stayed in the hotel for two weeks at first. My brother came to Bielefeld to support me in looking for an apartment. Thanks to him, I almost feel at home now.

What are your goals for this season?

Lennart: The relegation for Arminia is the top priority. Of course, from the player perspective I want to develop in both ways- personally and on the pitch. Also I wish get as much match practice as possible.



Hey Sven, you’ve been in the Netherlands for a few days now. Say, how do you like Holland and do you already speak a bit dutch?

Sven: I think it’s really nice here. My girlfriend and I have already visited Holland a couple of times before. We feel very much at home here at the moment and are officially moving here “with our dog”. I don’t speak Dutch yet, but I can use the most common greetings, farewells, etc., but the rest I will need to learn probably. In addition, I was very well looked after by my team-mates here during my first weeks, which really made my start here a lot easier…

How did the preparation go in the last few days? Do you feel fit?

Sven: Yes, I feel really fit, my preparation started already in Rostock. The biggest change for me personally here is the artificial turf/ gras, I don’t know that from Rostock … but it’s definitely great fun here to play football.

What are your goals for the coming season?

Sven: First and foremost, I want to become a regular player and take on a certain amount of responsibility in the team. For me that means explicitly; Talking a lot, leading the team and trying to help everyone. That is currently the most important thing in my eyes. Everything else will then be seen …



Great honor for TEAMGEIST
Three of our top athletes in the 2nd division start the new season 2021/2022 as team captain. Leadership is a gift but also a huge task and responsibility. It’s about to be a good example – as an athlete, a comrade and as a human being.

“Setting an example isn’t the most important way of influencing others. It’s the only one. “
(Albert Schweitzer, Nobel Prize Winner)

We congratulate these achievements and see them as confirmation of our great agency work – but especially as important development boosts in personal and sporting matters of our players S. Schonlau, M. Kolke and H. Wahl.



Markus Kolke, Image: C imago
images/ Fotostand



Hey Lennart, how did you spend your summer break?

Lennart: Very good and very relaxing. This break was sorely needed. I’ve been to Greece with my Friends and I was able to really relax. It was good to be back in my home town Wandlitz, too. I stayed with my parents. It was really relaxing. My three siblings and their families I could see almost every day. This is a real highlight when you are home seldom. Family is everything!

How are you currently preparing? Are you injured?

Lennart: No, luckily I’m not injured. I already started my personal preparation back in Wandlitz – mainly running and interval training. We have been in the training camp for a few days now to prepare in Neustift im Stubaital (Austria). We currently train twice a day. It’s very tough and honest training.

What are your goals for the new season?

Lennart: First and foremost, I want to stay healthy and happy. Of course, the last few, very specific months has effected everyone and left traces. I try to ignore all uncertainties and only focus on my athletic and mental development. I want to play as many games as possible and take my next steps …

Back to the Roots!

Lennart Czyborra takes advantage of the break in the italian soccer league (Serie A) for a visit to his hometown club Eintracht Wandlitz.

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Image source: © Marius Böttcher

Happy Birthday #1

We are very proud to announce the first birthday of our agency. A good reason to invite our players to a 3-day meeting in Templin, Brandenburg. Below is a short review.

We have chosen the nicely located Hotel Döllnsee-Schorfheide as the “Player’s Quarter”. A very good choice, as it turned out. After a long journey for most of our players the lake provided great cooling off, and also a lot of fun. Followed by a well served dinner, we once again reviewed the successful first year with all its highlights. For “dessert” there was a mental coaching unit companied by our sponsor Holger Fischer.At night we all together jumped into exciting Berlin nightlife.

The next day was all about speed, fuel and horsepower. The goal was the Driving Center Groß Dölln. In the first step – driving safety training – we now know the limits of the car and our driving skills with our own cars. The slalom, braking and drifting tracks demanded everything and we learned to master the car in extreme situations. After this exciting morning, a joint refreshment came just right. In the afternoon we were allowed to go on the challenging race track. In a 911 GT3 RS, each player was first on the road as a passenger, before being allowed to experience the fascination of racing as a driver firsthand. With a wonderful meal, we end the evening exhausted but happy in glorious weather.

Unfortunately, there was time to say goodbye next morning. After breakfast, everyone headed back home. However, I had a huge portion of new experiences, the memories of harmonious and happy moments and the certainty of being in the right agency. As I said: This was only the first prank – the second birthday # 2 is not far away. (11 months)



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